Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Now You Can Look 25 Again WITHOUT SURGERY!

Hello Friends!

Until now, about the only real options a person (male or female) had who was concerned about their looks as they age was to either do their best with camouflage using makeup, go to a spa and have very expensive skin reviving treatments done (multiple times - ongoing), subject themselves to uncertain, also very expensive and sometimes dangerous surgery, or just say, "The heck with it! I give up!" and just go with it.

I'm thrilled to say that today we have another option! For the first time in history, a very expensive spa treatment using the gentle Galvanic electrical current is available for the general public to keep their looks in check AT HOME for so much less! This is great news! The best part is that these treatments are the very same used in spas and salons, and deliver the same, identical results for a fraction of the cost! How awesome is that!

Go to www.oneteamglobal.com and see for yourself! Here you will find tons of information including videos of how the Galvanic Spa works on the face and other parts of the body bringing immediate results to the user. These results only increase over time and the outcome is dramatic! CHECK IT OUT! The Galvanic Spa was featured on a number of news broadcasts as revolutionary, and even Oprah featured it on her show. I'm told she has this unit and uses it herself!

After looking at this site, come back and tell me what you think. Want one? Give me a call at 704-236-6922 and I'll see that you receive your very own unit with a money-back guarantee! NO RISK! Call this number to order and you will receive a $50 discount!! Let me hear from you!

Leanne Cannon